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Hemelite Medium Dense Standard Block 7N 100mm Block

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Hemelite Medium Dense Standard Block
Hemelite Standard lightweight blocks are extremely versatile and can be used in standard wall applications above and below ground including beam and block flooring. They provide a strong background making them ideal to receive plaster finishes and are particularly suited for use where a rendered outer leaf is proposed. They also provide a secure base for fixings.

Why Hemelite Standard?
Hemelite Standard achieves good levels of strength, fire resistance and sound insulation and can be combined with cavity insulation to achieve virtually any desired level of thermal performance.

High proportion of recycled content
The majority of our manufacturing Plants use a high proportionˆ of recycled/secondary materials in the production of Hemelite which combined with good Green Guide Ratings make Hemelite a very sustainable product.

Hemelite Standard working dimensions
Face dimensions (mm) are 440mm long x 100mm wide x 215mm high.

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